Top 25 Most Popular Uses of Coconut Oil

adminco   June 1, 2015   Comments Off on Top 25 Most Popular Uses of Coconut Oil

Most people are not aware of the versatile uses of coconut oil. It is becoming more popular and being used more than ever because of the many benefits. It is versatile because you and ingest it (internally), apply it topically (externally)  and even use it for  your pets. There are different types for the uses, but it is a resourceful and functional natural oil.

The top 25 most popular uses of coconut oil are listed below.

  1. cooking oil (used to bake, stir fry, deep fry, etc.) (It can be used in many recipes)
  2. used on the skin for moisture and smoothness
  3. eye make-up remover
  4. prevent stretch marks
  5. a natural sunscreen
  6. a massage oil
  7. chapped lips as a moisturizer
  8. dry skin on face- moisturizer
  9. damaged hair – softens and conditions
  10. helps fingernails grow by softening the cuticles
  11. dry flaky elbows – moisturizer and conditioning
  12. used in a smoothie for increased energy or just take a spoonful
  13. used as a body scrub
  14. used as a facial scrub
  15. used for athletes feet
  16. cracked or sore nipples from breast feeding – moisturize and keep them supple
  17. dry or cracked feet – moisturize and condition
  18. instead of shaving cream – use coconut oil
  19. stress reliever
  20. aids in digestion
  21. used as soap
  22. used for weight loss
  23. used as a deodorant
  24. used to lower cholesterol
  25. used for cat or dog for their skin and coats

Of course there are a multitude of other uses of coconut oil, but the list above are what is used popularly by most people.